David Bruce McMahan

Dr. David Bruce McMahan is the President and CEO of the Centaur Funds Group. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of the McMahan Securities Co. L.P.

McMahan’s Education

Bruce McMahan (as he is known) studied clinical psychology at the University of Southern California. He had nearly completed his Ph.D. in clinical psychology when the needs of his growing family led him to cut short his studies temporarily and go into business.

As an undergraduate at USC, Bruce McMahan joined the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity, an organization that would provide him with first, networking, and later, mentoring opportunities for the rest of his life, along with several of his sons. He is now a trustee of the Phi Kappa Psi Foundation. (Read more about Phi Psi)

Early Career History

Bruce McMahan began his career in finance in southern California in 1961. He started by trading convertible securities and after a few years moved on to manage private investment portfolios.

In 1969 he sought greener pastures in Europe. He was managing director of Genesis, SA, an investment group specializing in convertible securities management for Swiss and American investors. (A “convertible security” is a security – usually a bond or a preferred stock – that can be converted into a different security – typically shares of the company’s common stock.)

David Bruce McMahan Returns to the U.S.

McMahan left Spain, where he had been based during his European sojourn, and returned to the U.S. in 1975. The timing of his return was dictated by the special needs of his daughter Cristina, his sixth child, who was born in 1970 with cerebral palsy. Cristina needed medical care that at time could only be obtained in a few places, one of which was New York City.

McMahan was hired by PaineWebber, Inc., where he created the National Institutional Options Department. For the first time it was possible for the institutional investor to trade in options (stock options are contracts that grant the holder the right to buy or sell a specific stock at a specific price before the contract expires.). Due to his success at PaineWebber, McMahan was hired away by Bear Stearns & Co., where he headed the institutional and Retail Options Department and eventually became a partner.

David Bruce McMahan Starts His Own Company

McMahan soon left Bear Stearns to go back into business for himself. In September of 1980, he started the predecessor organizations to McMahan Securities Co. L.P. McMahan Securities Co. is now the third largest-volume convertible securities firm in the United States.

McMahan is the principal and founder of the Centaur Funds Group, a U.S. based fund that does business internationally.

As a National Association of Securities Dealers licensed Principal, McMahan is a member of the American Stock Exchange and is a Securities and Exchange Commission registered Broker-Dealer.